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Acts 1

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Our goal is to provide audio scriptures by song of the ROOTED 2017 Bible quizzing material.  
This is by a quizzer, for quizzers

When David was offered the sword of Goliath, he accepted it saying, “There is none like it; give it to me” (1 Samuel 21:9). The same is true of Bible Quizzing: “There is none like it.”

​Nathan Reever Director of BBQ

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  • Acts 1 Free Listen11:10

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To have a better understanding of this site, please take note of how we have recorded these songs. 

We have attempted to complete songs in this order. 

  1. Complete statements, period to period.
  2. First WORDS have been separated in each song, as much as possible, to emphasize the start-up, as given in the material.
  3. All attempts have been made to make sure all songs are WORD PERFECT, (but we are NOT perfect! If you find an error, please send us a note and we will correct it)
  4. We hope you enjoy this site and please tell someone you know.
If Jesus healed many by His Word and cast out spirits by the same, then Bible Quizzing is heaven's delight and the devil's nightmare!
​Evangelist Eli Hernandez

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​​​About Bible Quizzing Radio

Rooted will be a powerful quizzing year, full of miracles, wonders and signs as we explore God's Word.


We look ahead to what the Lord will teach us through

His Word by song!  

As one writer said;

"Music is God wrapped in sound"